in Pontivy

Pontivy Jolie, visites guidées

Guided tours of the city of Pontivy with Christine, independent guide
Immerse yourself in the Pontivy atmosphere!
This charming city with two faces conceals an unsuspected history and heritage!
We will stroll around the imposing castle and through the medieval streets whose history and architecture are steeped in the influence of the powerful Rohan family.
We will then travel through the imperial city, a Napoleonic heritage, drawn with a chalk line with the administrative, military and civil constructions which look great.
Anecdotes and evocation of the city's current cultural and economic dynamism add extra soul to the visit

Visits organized all year round on weekends and public holidays
Duration: 1h30
Price: €5/person – Free for under 15s – Group rate according to study


Basic rate
5 €-

(Free for children under 15)


Activities on site

  • Guided tours
Basic rate: 5 € 


56300 Pontivy
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