Nature and heritage walks

Day 1 / Saturday

Marion et Yohann nous racontent leur voyage en van pour un voyage insolite au coeur de la Bretagne.

Departure from Vannes (southern Brittany) to central Brittany with Marcel in our van. After a 50-minute drive, we pass through the pretty town of Pontivy.

We decided to pose Marcel in front of the discovery pool under the shelter of the trees. Marcel dropped off, and you're off to the town centre on foot.
A short diversions to thetourist officeon a barge to pick up the information we wanted.
The morning's programme includes a tour of the town's two districts with our little booklets and map!

After a morning of walking, we return to the van to enjoy our meal by the river. Nantes to Brest canal.

Once lunch was over, we took Marcel back to the various chapels that the office had indicated for us to discover. these heritage wonders. Head for the Notre-Dame de Quelven chapel and its opening Virgin Mary. This one was open, and with its boat hull inside, it's a truly impressive chapel!
We headed back towards Lac de Guerlédan, stopping at the Notre-Dame de Carmès chapel. Just as pretty as the first one, unfortunately we couldn't get into this one... 

When we arrived at Saint-Aignan, we asked Marcel at natural camping area (only €2 per night). We were able to fill up our water tanks and freshen up with a nice shower!
We then visited the small village of Saint-Aignan and passed by a science museum with the intriguing name of "Saint-Aignan". Lac de Guerlédan electro-library " Maybe we'll stop there tomorrow? Back to the van for the night.

Day 2 / Sunday

We woke up early to the sound of birdsong and had breakfast on the picnic tables on the site.
We were out of the air by 10am, heading for the Lake Guerlédan. We decided to start by taking a van around the lake to admire the different landscapes.
At times, we felt like we were in Canada! 

Yohann Hamonic

We decided to stop Marcel at the Sordan covefacing the lake.
In the early afternoon, the paddles are inflated and we head out into the water to cool off and take in the scenery from below (and yes, it doesn't look like it, but the lake lies between two valleys: it's always going up and down!)

Before getting back on the road, we made one last stop at the Guerlédan dam. It was really impressive, especially as we were lucky enough to see the floodgates open! 

We're back on the road, heading for the north of Brittany for some new adventures!


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