La Destination Heart of Brittany is a vast and varied territory, incredibly rich in its diverse heritage.

The destination

Our different ancient countries still important for our premises and our history will tell you about their past. You will discover the past life of these heritages, whether they are built, religious, intangible... They have so much to show you! Open your eyes wide, take a stroll, and let yourself be carried away by this breathtaking Heart of Brittany.

Lake Guerlédan

Enjoy the largest lake in Brittany, Lake Guerlédan, to refresh yourself, take a stroll, spend a pleasant moment in the heart of green nature, with your feet in the water... For the more experienced, the tour awaits you with its 40 km of hiking trails!


Yohann Hamonic

Travel across Brittany from North to South, from West to East, with the region's canals, ideal for strolls in complete relaxation! Whether river or land, whether you are on foot, by bike or on horseback, you will find your place on these canals and their towlines.

Put on your hiking shoes and set off to discover the heritage. On your way, you will come face to face with churches, chapels, fountains and other local heritage, representative of our identity. Pay attention to the different legends that could be related, you might be surprised!

The trail

The Heart of Brittany Tourist Destination – Kalon Breizh reveals at every step a preserved nature, off the beaten track which offers visitors a dive into an unsuspected Brittany.

Find an exceptional setting enhanced by a permanent trail running area with routes combining sporting activities and discovery of the territory.

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