The Quénécan forest is one of the largest in Brittany. It covers 3,700 hectares, most of it to the south of Lac de Guerlédan. It covers two departments, Morbihan and Côtes d'Armor. 

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A forest full of mysteries

Conomor, Sainte Tréphine, Guerlic, the electricity fairy... all have a story to do with this forest and its surroundings.

The Quénécan forest

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The Quénécan forest rises to an altitude of 290 metres and is an oak-beech forest, with species such as chestnut, holly, Scots pine and maritime pine. It played a key role in the development of the iron and steel industry. For over 300 years, from the 16the to 19e In the 19th century, charcoal makers spent most of their time in the forest, producing the charcoal needed to power the blast furnaces of the Forges des Salles ironworks in Perret and Sainte-Brigitte.  


But as well as the charcoal burners, the Quénécan forest has been home to mysterious creatures and colourful characters since time immemorial.

Among them was the fearsome Conomor, whose fortress was located on the heights of Castel Finans, in Saint-Aignan. The fearsome Conomor is now nicknamed the Breton Bluebeard. Following a prophecy that said he would die at the hands of his own son, Conomor took to murdering his successive wives, just before a birth was announced. Among them was the beautiful Triffine, in memory of whom a church was built at the end of the 19th century.e In the 16th century, a chapel, the chapel of Sainte Tréfine, was built on the site of the ancient fortress of Conomor. 

Listen to the legends

A diversion to theLac de Guerlédan electro-library will be an opportunity for youngsters to discover the story of Conomor, Guerlic, the dragon of the lake, Merlin and the electricity fairy. Guided tour of the Lac de Guerlédan Electrothèque For children aged 3 to 5, every Wednesday during the school holidays. 

Older children will be able to rediscover this story by listening to the "Sound walk in the Rohan region dedicated to the legend of Sainte Tréphine.

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