Looking for the best-known spots around the lake and some completely different views? We've put together a list of the must-see sights around Lac de Guerlédan. Whether you're looking for a starting point for a hike, a high viewpoint, a beach or a place to take a break, the choice is yours!

Access points to the lake 

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Bourg de st-Aignan

In St-Aignan, the artificial nature of the lake becomes an obvious choice. You're at the starting point of the most close the hydroelectric dam, manager of the vast extent 304 hectares of waterwhich stretches for 12km. Built between 1923 and 1928, the Guerlédan dam, 45m high and 208m long, held back 52 million m3 of water. 

Don't miss the Museum of Electricity - Electrothèque du Lac de Guerlédan which tells the story of the construction of the factory Guerlédan hydroelectric scheme. Just next door is the 15th-century church, with its tree of Jesse.


L'Anse de Sordan (St-Aignan)

L'Anse de Sordan is dedicated to water sports and swimming. There's a beach for young and old to enjoy, with games for children and pedalos and canoes for hire.

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L'Anse de Guerlédan (Guerlédan)

The Anse de Guerlédan offers a beautiful view of the Guerlédan dam. To reach the shore and discover one of the rocky spurs of the Bois de Caurelyou can follow narrow staircases along the length of the the Base Départementale de Plein Air. This In particular, the site hosts the Mountain bike station Guerlédan, an adventure park and canoe and kayak hire summer. 

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Landroanec (Guerlédan)

A pontoon is available for fishermen. It is accessible to the disabled. Landroanec is also a great place for swimming, with canoes available for hire. Unsupervised swimming. 

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Beau-Rivage (Caurel)

If you like the atmosphere of small seaside resorts, Beau Rivage will appeal to you. It's here that one of the world's largest of the largest beaches of Guerlédan and it is from there that go to the Launchers who wants take on the calm waters of the lake. It's also a There's something for everyone! 

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Trégnanton (Bon-Repos-sur-Blavet)

Are you sporty and ready to tackle the steep slopes of the path around the lake? Follow the path and you'll be transported to the heights, where sheer rocky outcrops overlook Guerlédan and offer exceptional panoramic views. 

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Bon Repos (Bon-Repos-sur-Blavet)

This site is aptly named, with everything you need to relax: the calm waters of the Canal de Nantes in Brest, the old stone bridge that spans them, the remains of the the imposing cistercian abbey from the 13th century. 


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