Roaming along the region's canals takes you on beautiful walks in a unique green setting. 

Yohann Hamonic


The canal from Nantes to Brest, the canalized Blavet, the territory of Pontivy Community is crossed by waterways and bordered by towpaths.

Walking & more

That you are by bike, Strolling along ou on horseback, take these towpaths to travel several kilometers along the water's edge. Enjoy the canal from Nantes to Brest and Blavet canal, both passing through Pontivy, the central city of our territory. Far from cars and city sounds, these secure routes allow you a relaxing stroll lulled by birdsong.

On foot, by bike and on horseback

From Pontivy you have the choice with 3 possible departures for short walks. Join the cities of:

  • Saint-Nicolas-des-Eaux with 18 kilometers of waterfront, 
  • Saint-Aignan and its 19 kilometers of bucolic walk, 
  • Rohan crossing 24 kilometers to reach the cradle of the famous family of the territory.

Be careful, remember to save a little energy for the return trip! 

You prefer to take European circuits such as the Velodyssey, passing through the canal from Nantes to Brest? Then go to England or Spain according to your wishes. Remember to come and have your Vélodyssée passport stamped at the Tourist Office on the Duchesse Anne barge in Pontivy!

For more information, do not hesitate to consult the Guide to the canals of Brittany.

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