The Nantes-Brest canal is 360km, 238 locks, from Nantes to Châteaulin, the last town before arriving in Brest harbor. 


Tamed by treasures of technical ingenuity, the watercourse winds through the most beautiful Breton valleys, from Erdre to Aulne via Vilaine, Oust and Blavet.

The Blavet canal descends towards the harbor of Lorient with its 57km and 28 locks. It is a real natural interlude between steep cliffs and hills.

River cruise on the Nantes to Brest canal or the Blavet

In Pontivy: the Blavet and the Nantes-Brest Canal

Departing from Pontivy, you can go on a sailing trip of your choice on the canal from Nantes to Brest or Blavet canal !

Boat rental

Have you never sailed? This is not a problem ! The boat rental company Brittany boating will introduce you to navigation before your departure. These fully equipped, license-free barges allow you to go away for a weekend, a week or more!

Direction Nantes

To navigate the Nantes-Brest canal towards Nantes, we recommend departing from Rohan. The portion between Pontivy and Rohan is not recommended (but possible) due to the large number of locks (no less than 52 locks over 24km!).

No passage between Carhaix and Lake Guerlédan

It is not possible to navigate between the Guerledan Lake and Carhaix. If you have your own boat, you can sail on the Finistère part of the canal, starting from Port-Launay and going down to Carhaix.

Blavet Canal

To navigate the Blavet canal towards Lorient harbor, you can leave from Pontivy or from Saint-Nicolas-des-Eaux!

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