Religious heritage is very present in the territory of Pontivy Community. Whether it is an abbey, a church or a chapel, these jewels number in the hundreds and will amaze you and take you through the centuries! Some of them are more unusual than others but all of them have a history and undeniable charm of our territory. 

Not to be missed

To allow you to discover it with complete peace of mind, we have put together a small selection of buildings not to be missed. So go for a walk and pay close attention to your surroundings, there are jewels right before your eyes.


Our Lady of Quelven

To the south of our territory, the imposing Notre-Dame de Quelven chapel in Guern, 70 meters high, overlooks the charming village of Quelven. Observe it in its smallest details to discover all its richness without forgetting its Scala Sancta, the square loggia located outside. 

Yohann Hamonic

Unusual chapels

Enter these heritage places rich in objects, paintings and stories.

Our Lady of Carmes

To the north, go through the door of the Notre-Dame de Carmès chapel in Neulliac. As part of Art in the Chapels, a guide accompanies you under the vault where you will be amazed to see magnificent painted paneling dating from the 15e and 17e centuries.

During your walks, observe the significant presence of crosses and calvaries along our roads and paths. They are the witnesses of our history, located at intersections which were very important to the daily life of yesteryear.

A few meters from the chapels, before your eyes, very special fountains will rise such as those of the Trinity in Cléguérec, to the west, or from Sainte-Noyale in Noyal-Pontivy, to the east. Some are sources of miraculous beliefs with therapeutic powers.

Other features of our territory are available to you, this time in the east. In the hamlet of Saint-Fiacre in Radenac, the building is made up of a double chapel, built one after the other, at 15e and 16e centuries.

Complete your journey with our countless chapels:

Art in chapels

From July to September, enter chapels whose history is told to you by guides. These chapels are open as part of the manifestation of Art in chapels.

Timadeuc Abbey

A stone's throw from it, in Bréhan, stands an abbey from the 19the century: Timadeuc Abbey. The latter is always occupied by Cistercian-Trappist monks who will show you their domain and taste their delicious products such as fruit paste or cheese. 

To complete your address book, note:

  • Bon Repos Abbey in Bon-Repos-sur-Blavet
  • Saint-Mériadec church in Stival
  • the imperial church of Saint-Joseph in Pontivy.

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