The Pays des Rohan label was obtained in 2019 following work over several years. The Rohan family has left a strong mark of its passage in the architectural landscape of our territory. 

The Country of Art and History label 

Label obtained in 2019

City & Country of art and history

Pontivy Community, accompanied by the neighboring municipalities of Bon Repos sur Blavet, Gouarec, Langoëlan, Ploërdut, Lignol, Kernascléden, Guémené-sur-Scorff, Locmalo, Melrand, Pluméliau-Bieuzy and Forges de Lanoué have obtained the prestigious Pays d'label Art and History, awarded by the Minister of Culture.

The label is a national recognition of our heritage.

Commitment to the territory

This label also rewards the commitment of residents, elected officials and all stakeholders in the region, to the knowledge, preservation and enhancement of the landscapes, monuments, objects of art and traditions of the Pays des Rohan. Obtaining the label is also a 10-year commitment to developing an ambitious and qualitative heritage project, in partnership with the Ministry of Culture. Also, keep your eyes peeled and pay attention to our programming: many discoveries to experience, to read, to play, will be offered to you all year round. Young and old, locals and visitors, there will be something for everyone.

The Rohan family

Yohann Hamonic

Pontivy Castle

Pontivy Castle, formerly owned by the Rohan family, was originally designed to be a defensive castle. Several elements attest to this, such as the walls several meters thick. To find out more about the castle, follow our guided tour.


Among the great lordly families who have made the history of Brittany, one of the most powerful of recent centuries finds its cradle in the heart of our region. This is Rohan's family. Its history begins a millennium ago, in the 1120s when Alain de Porhoët decided to found a fortress on a rocky promontory, at a place called Roch'an, "small rock" in Breton. This is how he became Viscount Alain Ier de Rohan, a name that he later bequeathed to his descendants.

Pontivy capital of the viscounty

Over the centuries, the Rohan family expanded its territory through alliances, acquisitions, and inheritance. The city of Pontivy will take on more and more importance in the center of the Viscounty of Rohan, both for its strategic location and for the natural resources at its disposal. The city became the capital of the viscounty in 1396. Viscount Henry II of Rohan was elevated to the rank of Duke and Peer of France, a high distinction awarded to him by his cousin King Henry IV in 1603 to reward him for his commitment. by his side.

Country of Rohan

Today, the history of the heritage and economy of the territory, called Pays des Rohan, remains marked by the influence of these great lords over the centuries.

For more information : Country of art and history in Pontivy Community

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