The imposing Château des Rohan stands to the north of Pontivy town centre. Standing high above the town and built in the Vauban style, it dates back to the late Middle Ages. Its construction was initiated by Jean II de Rohan, nicknamed the "Great Viscount" because of his impressive wealth. 


The Château des Rohan has been closed to the public since 2014. To discover it, you can book and follow a tour with our guides from the tourist office.

Guided tours will resume during the autumn holidays.

There were other castles in the town long before it was built. The first, a feudal motte, is thought to have been built in the 12th century.e century and the second, probably a stone fortress, replaced it after its destruction and was also destroyed in the mid-14e century. Pontivy thus became the capital of the Rohan family without having a castle! It would remain so for almost 100 years after the present castle was built. The latter castle is considered to be a technological jewel of its time, as it took almost 100 years before it was modified for defensive purposes!  

Over the centuries, a number of changes have taken place. The 18the This was the most important period in the castle's history, as it changed from a defensive castle to an exclusively residential one. Openings were enlarged, and one of the battlements was partly closed to make way for the bedroom of the Duchess of Rohan...  

Yohann Hamonic

Only half of the castle remains! Two towers out of four and two galleries out of three.

In February 2014, following a very wet winter, the south curtain wall collapsed. A major reconstruction and renovation project was launched. This explains why it has been closed to the public since that date. Exceptionally, the château will be opening its doors to the public on the following days guided tours offered by the Pontivy Communauté Tourist Office, the European Heritage Days or any other one-off event. 

The Tourist Office offers guided tours during the school holidays. They will take you back to the Middle Ages, to discover the rich and tumultuous history of this castle in the heart of Brittany: its construction, its restoration and its role in defending the town. There's a special fun tour for younger visitors, and a guided tour for adults. dramatised visit takes you back to the time of the Rohan family. You'll be amazed, and come away with a wealth of anecdotes!

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