Pontivy Communauté brings together 24 communes in Central Brittany, with a population of almost 50,000. The Nantes to Brest Canal and the Blavet canalised.

The community of communes

Explore this rich natural territory and discover its heritage gems: castles, chapels, locks... Our communes will provide you with an unforgettable stay thanks to their exceptional sites.


Yohann Hamonic

The must-have castle of the Rohan family opens its doors to you during our guided tours during school holidays. It is also open to visitors at any time of day, who can walk around the outside paths and discover its massive architecture from different vantage points.

At the heart of the more linear and airy streets, the Napoleonic district opens its arms to you with architecture from the 19the century, recalling Haussmann's transformation of Paris under the Second Empire.

Yohann Hamonic


Yohann Hamonic

Admire our sumptuous religious heritage with our countless buildings: abbeys, churches, chapels, oratories and fountains. Travel through the centuries in Gothic, classical and neo-classical styles. Dare to step inside these chapels During the summer, you can marvel at the works of contemporary art or at the site and its sculptural and architectural features.

Canals and nature

Stroll through the heart of our forests, our rivers and through typical, charming villages with local architecture, made of schist and granite stone. Visit hiking routes The signposted trails are ideal for peaceful, natural walks to discover our local heritage. The varied flora and fauna will give you the opportunity to observe them closely.

Yohann Hamonic

Lake Guerlédan

Yohann Hamonic

Head further north and follow in the footsteps of our industrial heritage with the Forges des Salles, in the heart of the Quénécan forest, a forest of over 3,000 hectares. Operating on 18e and 19e The blast furnace was shut down in 1877, leaving the village's past intact. Not forgetting the hydroelectric power station below the Lac de Guerlédan damwhich has been generating electricity since 1930! L'Lac de Guerlédan electro-library traces its history... step inside.

Discover Breton traditions in Central Brittany - there's plenty to do! Fest-noz evenings, exhibitions and get-togethers in French and Breton give you the chance to learn more about our customs and traditions. Click on our calendar of entertainment and exhibitions for the dates of these events!

Pontivy Community

Pontivy Community

The Nantes-Brest canal and the Blavet canal pass through several towns in the Pontivy Communauté.

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