The northern part of Pontivy reveals its preserved medieval-Renaissance district.

Pontivy, the small capital of Central Brittany. 

A touch of castle, an armful of half-timbered houses, sprinkled with the canal from Nantes to Brest, all this with a sweet smell of pancakes, are you there? Welcome to Pontivy! With its 15 inhabitants, the city nicknamed the “central Breton capital” conceals many assets and secrets…  

A historic town centre 

But what would the old district of Pontivy be without its symbol: the castle ! Built in the 15the century by one of the most powerful men in Brittany, Viscount Jean II de Rohan. This castle, one of the last built in the Middle Ages, is surprising with its massive and squat appearance.

A historic town centre 

Pontivy, small for its size, nevertheless has such a rich history that it does not have to be ashamed of the big Breton towns. First the medieval capital of the lords of Rohan, pretenders to the ducal throne of Brittany, it took over in the 19e century the name of Napoleonville, following the almost unique decision in France by Napoleon Ier, to build a new city. 

With nearly 50 half-timbered houses, Pontivy stands out for its significant conservation of its heritage.

Follow in the footsteps of the Rohan family by taking the narrow, cobbled streets of the oldest district of the city.

Crossing by water 

The city is not by the sea, it compensates for this gap thanks to the different waterways. First crossed from one side to the other with the Blavet river, now canalized, the city also happens to be the central point of the Nantes-Brest canal. The intersection in the city center of these canals and their towpaths offers locals and visitors alike a preserved route for the many cyclists, hikers, and picnic lovers! 

A lively tourist town

Throughout the year, the city hosts numerous cultural, artistic, musical and sporting events, with the summer season as their highlight. Many outdoor activities are offered to delight young and old alike, in several pedestrianized streets and squares.

Emmanuel Berthier

Activities for everyone 

Yohann Hamonic

Alone, with friends or family, you will find activities for everyone: historical, natural, cultural, musical,… there is something for all tastes and for all ages!

Personalized guided tours are organized by the tourist office at Pontivy castleWithin 2 quarters, on the edge of the canal, in a costume, dramatized...

The must-sees in Pontivy? 

During your passage through the pontivyan city, before leaving, you absolutely must: 

  • take a selfie in front of the Pontivy castle
  • say hello to the statue of General De Lourmel
  • refresh yourself by walking along the canal from Nantes to Brest
  • glean in the pedestrian streets among the half-timbered houses
  • eat a pancake!

Discover the interactive map of the Pontivy district below!

Continue your stroll through the medieval quarter by taking part in a guided tour. Young or old, pressed for time, there is something for everyone and all tastes!

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