The communes of Pontivy Communauté have an invaluable wealth of local craftspeople and creators who will help you discover their world.

Knitwear, leather, linen, glass... a wide range of materials are used to make these creations. These garments and accessories are complemented by natural products, decorative objects and ceramics. Discover original and unique creations made by the hands of these creative craftsmen. Don't miss the chance to visit their shop and get your hands on some!

The Pontivy Communauté Tourist Office invites you to discover a part of the daily life of these creative craftsmen thanks to the following exhibitions visits to producers. Enjoy a special time of meeting and sharing...

Fermé. Ouvre vendredi to 10h00

Roc'han Maille

L'Atelier des Ombelles

Fermé. Ouvre demain to 09h30

Damm Veur

Fermé. Ouvre demain to 09h00

According to Tissage

Les créations de la Mère Lulu

Fermé. Ouvre mardi to 10h00

The Guerlédan glassworks

Fermé. Ouvre demain to 10h00

Michele Brady Ceramics

The Fountain Workshop

Pontivy Communauté Tourist Office
Guide de producteurs, artisans et créateurs 2023

Our guide to producers

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