Cléguérec is just 15 minutes from Pontivy, and offers a range of guided and animated tours.

For several years now, the Tourist Office has been working with the town of Cléguérec to offer guided tours every summer. These tours highlight the town's architectural heritage, know-how, nature and history.

For your information:

Visits to Cléguérec will resume in summer 2024.

4 visits

At the time of the megaliths, a fun visit to Bot er Mohet

Yohann Hamonic

Friday 28 July at 3pm

Come along as a family and discover the mysteries of the Bot er Mohet covered alley! It's a fun way to learn and have fun at the same time, with a range of activities including storytelling, a giant frieze, a rummage for lies and a korrigan hunt. Taste local produce for a snack!
For 6-12 year olds, accompanied by an adult.

Discovering the little people of the pond, a nature walk in Pontoir

Friday 04 August at 3pm

Discover nature around the Pontoir pond. Learn to recognise birdsong, marvel at the spectacle of dragonflies and discover trees through anecdotes and popular beliefs. Fun activities for young and old alike
the grown-ups. Taste local products for an afternoon snack!
For families.

Yohann Hamonic

Town centre and forge demonstration

Pontivy Communauté Tourist Office

Friday 11 August at 3pm

Let yourself be surprised by the curiosities on offer in the heart of the village. Then join friends and family for a demonstration of blacksmithing by Gilles Lorans, a former blacksmith, and his team of volunteers. A tasting of local produce is also on offer!
For families.

Sunrise at the Bot er Mohet covered walkway

Wednesday 16 August at 6.30am

Let us tell you the secrets of the magic of the "Korrigans' room"! A visit combining nature and ancient heritage, followed by a tasting of local produce.
General public.

Yohann Hamonic

Visitor information

Visits must be booked in advance with thetourist office or online. Places are limited.

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