L'Électrothèque du lac de Guerlédan - Electricity museum was founded in 1992 by a handful of enthusiasts determined to preserve the memory of the construction of the Guerlédan dam and the arrival of electricity in the Breton countryside. 

In 2013, management of the museum was handed over to the Pontivy Community Tourist Office, and the collection was recognised as being of community interest. The collection, comprising over 900 objects, has been built up thanks to donations from individuals and businesses.
For some thirty years, the Électrothèque has been pursuing its objectives of safeguarding, promoting and passing on the memory of the industrial and historical heritage of the Lac de Guerlédan area.

Guided tours

Several formats of visits to answer all your questions. Follow our enthusiastic guides on a tour of the Electrothèque! A journey to discover electricity, energies, great people, discoveries and inventions, household appliances and life before electricity... A visit that tells you about the history of the past, but also our history today, with the questions our societies are asking about renewable energies.

Workshops for children

For young people in electrical and cinema workshops are organised on Wednesdays during the school holidays! 

From 3 to 6 years old, the little ones have access to story time which tells the story of the electricity fairy and Guerlic, the dragon of Lake Guerlédan. 

Escape Game

The escape game is a fun way to discover the museum. With friends or family, will you be able to solve our riddles in time? You don't need to know anything about electricity, but you will need to work as a team! You'll have 1 hour before it's too late! 

And why not continue your visit to the Électrothèque with a walk to the Guerlédan dam ? You can reach it on foot via the 4km round trip footpath. 

At the Point I of the Electrothèque all the information you need for your stay: maps, walking maps, tourist information, etc.

Download the Lac de Guerlédan Electrothèque brochure : here

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