Do you have very little time to visit the town of Pontivy? We offer express guided tours lasting 30 minutes. 

The city with two faces

Express medieval district

Medieval-Renaissance town

Explore with the guide the oldest part of this charming city: the medieval-renaissance district. Discover the history of this old neighborhood in the footsteps of the Rohan family.

Emmanuel Berthier

Stroll to Place du Martray between these narrow, cobbled streets surrounded by colorful half-timbered houses and imposing granite buildings decorated with decorations.

At the end of the tour, you will only be a few blocks from the Pontivy castle. Take these few steps and take the opportunity to enter the courtyard and the chapel where an exhibition of Art in chapels awaits you.  

Napoleonic express district

imperial city

Follow the guide to discover the city's newest district, from 19e century: the Napoleonic district. Follow in the footsteps of the Bonaparte family with the Emperors Napoleon Ier and his nephew, Napoleon III.

Pass through the old parade ground, the Imperial Church of Saint-Joseph, to the Napoleonic station where you can admire the inscription “Napoléonville” on the north gable inside. But why are we talking about these Emperors and Napoleonville? The guide will provide you with these answers during the visit. 

Visits by reservation from the Pontivy Community Tourist Office or on our online ticketing.

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