Do you only have 30 minutes or do you want to follow a short visit? This visit is for you!

The guide will show you the emblematic buildings of the medieval town of Pontivy: half-timbered houses, basilica, martyrs' square, cobbled streets... A thread of several centuries to follow to discover this medieval town important to the Rohan family.

The History of Rohan in 30 minutes

A historic district

Pontivy, from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance

Explore with the guide the oldest part of this charming city: the medieval-renaissance district. Depart from the Boutique Côté Tourisme and let yourself be guided through the cobbled streets of the ancient town of Pontivy.

An influential family

Stroll through the history of this old neighborhood in the footsteps of the Rohan family.

During the explanations, you will pass through the cobbled streets made up of half-timbered houses.

You will also see the Place du Martray between these narrow, cobbled streets surrounded by colorful half-timbered houses and imposing granite buildings decorated with decorations.

Yohann Hamonic

Pontivy Castle a stone’s throw away

At the end of the visit, you will only be a few streets away from the castle, formerly owned by the Rohans, an important building of this great family. Take these few steps and take the opportunity to enter the courtyard and the chapel where an exhibition of Art in chapels waiting for you. Also discover our visit booklets to walk around without a guide but with some written explanations. Do you want to enter the castle and discover its secrets, rooms and ornaments? Visit to Pontivy Castle is for you!

Do you want to go into Pontivy Castle and visit it? Nothing's easier ! Book it visit to Pontivy Castle over 1h30!

You want to enter the Château de Pontivy and follow a unusual visit ? We have what you need :

So, will you come and visit the emblem of the city of Pontivy?

Schedules and rates
Opening hours from July 03 to September 04, 2024
Wednesday Open from 14:15 a.m. to 14:45 p.m.
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4 € -
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2 € -

The express tour of the Napoleonic district

Yohann Hamonic

You liked this visit and you want to complete it with its twin of the Napoleonic district ? The latter also lasts 30 minutes and takes place 1 hour earlier! At the start of the Duchess Anne barge, our atypical tourist office.

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