Economic tourism and know-how week

Since 2022, the Pontivy Communauté tourist office has been taking part in the Economic tourism and know-how week. On this occasion, our partner producers, craftsmen and designers will be opening their doors to you for a visit.

For groups

Are you a group looking for a company tour to discover the region's expertise? Visit our dedicated page (here) visits to producers, craftspeople and designers just for you!

The 2023 edition

For the 2023 edition, visitors were able to discover the secrets of brewing infusions and teas as well as tasty beers. They also got a behind-the-scenes look at a Breton costume designertwo honey factories and a manufacturer of top-of-the-range clothing ! It's a great opportunity to meet local producers who are passionate about their work and their region, and to (re)visit our region in a different way and share their expertise.

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