Pontivy is a rich town in Central Brittany with over 1,000 years of history! Stroll through the medieval-renaissance and Napoleonic quarters, following the guide who will share their treasures with you. By the way, where does the town's name, Pontivy, come from? Find out on the tour!

Pontivy, a town with two faces

The history of a city

Medieval quarter

Follow the chronology of this charming town's history, starting your visit in the medieval-renaissance quarter. Its ancient heritage, with its singular architecture and narrow cobbled streets, rises up before you.

Yohann Hamonic

The guide will show you around the Notre-Dame-de-Joie basilica, the Place du Martray and the old main streets, rue du Fil and rue du Pont. This ancient thoroughfare is surrounded by colourful half-timbered houses and imposing, richly decorated buildings in schist and granite. The Rohan family is represented on a number of monuments, so keep your eyes peeled for the lozenges, known as macles, that symbolise their coat of arms.

Napoleonic Quarter

The Bonaparte family

The journey continues at 19e century, with two Emperors: Napoleon Ier and Napoleon III. But why talk about them here in Central Brittany? Pontivy has been called Napoléonville several times during this century.

Emmanuel Berthier

A strategic choice of town

Napoléon n’a pas choisi Pontivy au hasard. Sa position géographique et son Histoire tempétueuse lui a fait miser sur cette ville. Un nouveau plan d’urbanisme fut dessiné et réalisé au 19e siècle.

A new district for a new city

Discover this district with architecture similar to that of Baron Haussmann. The linear artery stretches for over a kilometre, with imposing 19th-century buildings on either side.e century. The construction of this new district was not Napoleon I's only wish for Pontivy.

Waterways as a military strategy

The presence of the Blavet and its geographical position were major assets in times of conflict, enabling the construction of the Nantes-Brest canal. But why? The guide will soon explain the Emperor's choices.

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Visits must be booked in advance with the Pontivy Communauté Tourist Office.

Places are limited.

Departure from the Boutique Côté Tourisme, 21 quai Presbourg, 56300 PONTIVY.

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