You would like to discover the 19e century to children during school holidays? During this visit, children will learn anecdotes about Napoléonville, former name of the town of Pontivy. Through fun and family activities inside the Saint-Joseph imperial church. Symbols, games and architecture, they will be unmissable on the 19e century!

the 19e century is a time of great transformations for the city of Pontivy. Emperor Napoleon Ier decided to build a model city there, a symbol of his regime, going so far as to change its name to Napoleonville !

Following the guide, the children set off to explore this part of the city and make a stop at the imperial church where activities await them: becoming a builder, quizzes on the new developments of the 19e, symbol hunt and initiation into platoons.

Fun visit

The activities

The “Children in Napoléonville” visit allows children to understand this century of major developments through various activities mobilizing the senses of sight, touch and hearing.

The imperial church

The visit will also be an opportunity to discover the imperial church of Saint-Joseph, financed by Napoleon III, from all its angles, in particular by following in the footsteps of its builders inspired by Gothic art.

In the shoes of an ambassador

The session will conclude with an introduction to platoon marching followed by the presentation of decorations from the order of “Ambassadors of Napoléonville”.

Visiting hours

Opening hours from July 09 to August 20, 2024
Tuesday Open from 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.

The rates

Prices Min. Max.
Basic rate
6 € -
Child rate
7 € -
Basic rate
24 € -

Visit by reservation at the Pontivy Community Tourist Office.

Children must be accompanied by an adult. Limited places.

Departures: Boutique Côté Tourisme, 21 quai Pressbourg, 56300 PONTIVY.

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