Le château de Pontivy ouvre ses portes aux plus petits !

Lors de cette visite, ils parcourront le château de Pontivy, anciennement propriété de la famille de Rohan, et découvriront l’époque médiévale au gré d’activités ludiques et familiales. Blasons, jeux et banquet, ils seront incollables sur la vie médiévale !

Fun tour

History and walks

Pontivy Communauté Tourist Office

After finding your bearings on the timeline showing the different historical periods, head for the château to the north of the town centre.

Riddles at the castle

On site, children can discover what life was like in a castle in medieval times, with a variety of riddles to solve as they wander from room to room. Coats of arms, medieval society, banquets and music punctuate this visit to the heart of several rooms in the castle. There are also historical details about the de Rohan family and their former stronghold, told in a way that makes it easier to understand the period.

The hidden treasure

Only the guide holds the keys to the castle, so the children have to solve each of the riddles! Once they've solved the riddles, the treasure chest opens up and a reward awaits them. The children will leave the castle with a wealth of medieval knowledge, a knight's diploma and a surprise to delight them!

Visit prices
Pricing Min. Max.
Child rate
7 €
Reduced rate
5 €
22 €

Visits must be booked in advance with the Pontivy Communauté Tourist Office.

Children must be accompanied by an adult. Places are limited.


  • School holidays: Côté Tourisme shop, 21 quai Presbourg, 56300 PONTIVY
  • Vacances d’été : Château de Pontivy, 56300 PONTIVY

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