Are you looking for an unusual visit to take with your little ones to have a fun time that you will always remember? Costumed visits are there for you!

Costumed visits

Our costumed visits take you back to the past, as if you were there! Once the children are dressed in their period costumes, follow the costume guide. Set off to discover the 2 districts of Pontivy, the city with two faces. The medieval district with Pontivy Castle and the Napoleonic district with the imperial church of Saint-Joseph.

Important information

Costume tours cannot be booked online. Call us or go toreception of the tourist office to register for these tours.


Costumed visits resume in July 2024.

Medieval quarter

Knights and ladies of the court

Dressed in medieval fashion in a knight or duchess costume, the children wander through the old quarter. Through its narrow streets and at the foot of its colorful half-timbered houses, discover the society and architecture of yesteryear. Continue your journey through time to meet the lords; the famous Rohan family, behind the construction of the Pontivy castle and many other buildings in the area. This fortress from the end of the Middle Ages opens its doors and welcomes you into its courtyard. The guide dressed in his tabar and armor will teach the children medieval dance and how to learn to use a shield. At the end of the visit, the medieval era will no longer have any secrets for your children!

Pontivy Community Tourist Office

An unusual, fun and historical visit

From court ladies to knights of the lords of Rohan, children choose the costume that suits them! They then go to the castle to participate in medieval activities.

Napoleonic district

Soldiers and empresses

Dressed in a soldier or empress costume, the children are immersed in the imperial era of the 19e century. Trace the origins of this district through its airy and linear streets, exploring the French Revolution of 1789 and the 19e century with the construction of canals and Napoléonville. The visit will end in the park of the Saint-Joseph imperial church where the guide, as an imperial soldier, will begin with the children an introduction to imperial dance inside the building and a discovery of the fencing of hussar in the park. The children will have discovered certain parts of the history of the 19the century after this costumed visit!

Pontivy Community Tourist Office

An unusual experience

From empresses to imperial soldiers, children choose the costume that suits them! They then participate in the activities of the empire era.

Emmanuel Bertier

important information

Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Visits by reservation at the Pontivy Community Tourist Office. Places are limited to the number of costumes.

Call us on 02 97 25 04 10 or come see us at reception of the tourist office !

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