Would you like to take part in a fun guided tour? Immerse yourself in history with a costumed guide who will share the secrets of different eras with you!

Knight and castle training

Become a knight in medieval times by signing up for the dramatised tour. In the time of fortified castles !

Head for the Château des Rohan in Pontivy, to the north of the town centre, in the medieval-renaissance quarter. The fortress is a place that is usually closed, but exceptionally open, where you can discover part of its former life.

Pontivy Communauté Tourist Office

Behind the gates of the château-fort, a knight from the famous de Rohan family awaits you. He is easily recognisable with his red tabar adorned with yellow lozenges, called macles, and his armour.

Before you set off, pay close attention to the history of these Lords of Rohan. Their knights will expect the utmost discipline from you during explanations and military training. Be warned!

Pontivy Communauté Tourist Office
Pontivy Communauté Tourist Office

Wearing your helmet and carrying your weapon, the knight of the de Rohan family will introduce you to the various forms of combat in medieval times, including crossbow shooting and vouge fighting.

Visits must be booked in advance with the Pontivy Communauté Tourist Office.

Places are limited.

Departure from the Château des Rohan, 56300 PONTIVY.

Convict or gendarme?

Become a convict or a guard during the Second Empire by signing up for the dramatised tour. In the days of the canal convicts !

Head for Rohan or Gueltas, in a lock-keeper's house, and step back in time to the 19th century.e century. The Nantes-Brest canal is still under construction, and it will be necessary to complete the work that has been going on for far too long. Discover the history of navigation in Brittany up to the inauguration of the canal in 1858.

Pontivy Communauté Tourist Office

On site, a Napoleon III-style gendarme will be waiting to give you your tasks. A convict's cap or guard's bicorne will adorn your face before you set to work. As the visit progresses, you'll have to pass the tests or face punishment if you end up in the convict camp.

A word of advice: don't try to outwit or annoy the gendarme of Napoleon III, or he's likely to be much tougher on you!

Visits must be booked in advance at the Pontivy Communauté Tourist Office or on our website. online ticketing.

Places are limited.

Departure indicated when booking.

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