Brittany's gastronomy is renowned for its many flavours. specialities ! Find the restaurant and cuisine of your choice in the region's many eateries.

Our Pontivy Communauté restaurateurs will take you on a journey away from Brittany thanks to their varied restaurants, offering traditional, revisited or contemporary cuisine. Your taste buds will marvel at all the flavours and specialities.

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To whet your appetite, we've put together a list of local specialities for you to try.


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Eating in a crêperie to enjoy sweet and savoury crêpes or potato pancakes. And don't forget to try the famous Guémené-sur-Scorff andouille sausage and homemade salted butter caramel. And don't forget to accompany your meal with a glass of cider or a glass of Chistr PerCléguérec is the capital of pear cider.

Local products

Sample a range of dishes prepared with quality local produce at our local restaurants.

Yohann Hamonic
Auberge des cerfs de Kerfulus

More atypical, theAuberge des cerfs de Kerfulus where your taste buds will be opened to new flavours. On the menu: venison cuissot with poiré, homemade venison and wild boar terrine, wood-grilled pork... Stop by the shop and take home some terrines and civets to enjoy at home.

For more exotic fare, try a couscousserie or an Italian or Turkish restaurant.

Sweet specialities

For a gourmet dessert, treat yourself to a pastry such as the Tonkinesethe kouign-amannthe far or the Breton cake !

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Enjoy your meal!

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