Changes to visits to Pontivy Castle

Work is underway at Pontivy Castle. Visits to the interior of the castle are therefore stopped until the end of the work. A historical tour of the exteriors of Pontivy Castle exists! Find it here.

The new visit Medieval Pontivy invites you to visit the medieval district and discover the history of this castle through its exteriors.

Le castle de Pontivy, formerly owned by the de Rohan family, is one of the very last fortified castles built in Brittany in the Middle Ages. With its stocky appearance and adorned with numerous decorations and openings, the architecture of this castle will catch your attention.

2014, a wall collapses

Since February 2014, the castle has been closed to the public due to restoration and archaeological excavations. During school holidays, the tourist office opens its doors for a historical guided tour of the building lasting 1h30.

Discover the history of this castle, a technological jewel of its time commissioned by Viscount Jean II de Rohan.

The guided tour in the footsteps of the Rohan

Follow one of our passionate guides and follow the Blavet to the west of medieval quarter to retrace the highlights of the famous Rohan family, behind the construction of this castle.

The exterior

When you arrive in front of this imposing fortress, go back in time to the 12the century with the birth of this dynasty. You will discover the history of the most important family in Central Brittany which has been built over the years. Pontivy became their capital in 1396! 

The interior

Continue your visit through the castle gate and reach the heart of the courtyard. Around you, the last remaining elements of the castle rise: galleries, towers, chapel and artillery terrace. Their story will be told to you while entering these places closed to the public. You will be told: its construction period, its defensive and residential architecture, its modifications and restorations, its destruction, its collapse and its closure to the public more recently...

Visit by reservation at the Pontivy Community Tourist Office.

Places limits.

Visits to the castle are also bookable for groups.


Departure from the Boutique Côté Tourisme, 21 quai Presbourg, 56300 PONTIVY.

Visiting hours

No visit to the interior of Pontivy Castle before July 2024.

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