The Pontivy Communauté tourist office has 5 branches open throughout the year: the Duchesse Anne barge, the Côté Tourisme shop and the railway station in Pontivy, the Electrothèque on Lac de Guerlédan in Saint-Aignan and the Maison du Canal et du Terroir in the town of Rohan. 

Our 5 reception areas open their doors to you all year round, with tourism professionals on hand to answer your questions. Each location has its own special features.

A wide choice of brochures is available all year round. Is it raining when you come? Don't worry! The brochure "What to do in the raine"We'll be happy to point out places that are open and accessible in bad weather.

The tourist office

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Our tourist advisors welcome you all year round in this beautiful red barge, the emblem of Pontivy Communauté tourism. All the brochures for our region and neighbouring areas are available on our shelves. Come and find information about our partners all year round: local producers, accommodation providers, restaurateurs and leisure sites!

The Côté Tourisme shop 

La Côté Tourisme shop is both a showcase for local producers and a souvenir shop. It is also the starting point for guided tours. 

Around ten producers from the Pontivy Communauté area will be there. You'll find honey, biscuits, jams, terrines, apple juice, cider, beers, etc. 

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Pontivy station 

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At the Pontivy stationThe tourist advisers are on hand all year round, Monday to Friday, to sell transport and answer tourist enquiries.

The Lac de Guerlédan Electrothèque

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Close to the Lake Guerlédantourism information pointLac de Guerlédan electro-library welcomes you to Saint-Aignan during the museum's opening hours.Come and visit the museum and find all the tourist information you need for your stay around the lake.

The Maison du Canal et du Terroir 

The canal and local produce house is an information point open from June to October. It is located on the towpath of the Nantes-Brest canal. All the brochures you need will be available on site, and our travel consultants will be delighted to answer all your questions!

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