Whether you are on horseback, on foot or by bike, take the towpath of the Blavet watercourse. Whether you are looking to go down to Lorient or go up to Lake Guerlédan, this path is for you! 

The Blavet canal is bordered by a towpath, ideal for cycling where the song of birds will harmonize your walks. Go up to the North coast or down to the South coast to discover its gems.

The Blavet is originally a coastal river, it takes its source from Bourbriac, north of the Côtes d'Armor and flows into the harbor of Lorient, south of Morbihan. It crosses Brittany from North to South, passing through Central Brittany including the territory of Pontivy Community. The Blavet was channeled in the first half of the 19e century under the decision of Napoleon I and completed under his nephew, Napoleon III. In Pontivy, there is the junction basin between the Blavet canal and the Nantes-Brest canal, also wanted by Napoleon Ier

Yohann Hamonic

For more details on your route, consult the guide canals of Brittany.

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